Child Care Center

Child Care Center


According to the Factory Act of 1965, the factory management should make the provision of

child day care center where more than 50 staff work. In the light of this act MAMATA has

been operating 6 Child Day Care Centers in CEPZ and outside CEPZ. Phulki of Dhaka

provided training to our staff to run the day care centers. Factory Owners have been

providing financial and logistic support for operating the centers. The center takes care of

children of working mothers; provide nutritional food support and periodical health check up

to all inmates. The parents meeting held every month to aware health issues. The running

of these Child Care Centers have improved working atmosphere and output of the working

mothers at the factory level as they feel free and convenient to keep their children in the

child care centers. In the Child Care Center children gets comprehensive cares including

bathing, sleeping and exposure to game and activities for early childhood.