HER Project


Duration of the Project : 24 month.(January 2012-On going)

Project Goal & Objective: BSR’s HERproject catalyzes partnerships along global supply

chains to improve female workers’ health and create business value.

Working Area:

1. Golden Horizon ltd. ( Brand: Abercrombie & Fitch) 53/B, Baizid Bostami)

2. Peninsula Garments Ltd. (Brand: Abercrombie & Fitch) CEPZ .Ctg.

3. Pou hung industrial ltd. (Brand: Timberland) Plot no, 20-36, Sector-1, KEPZ.

4. Xin chang (bd) shoes ltd (KEPZ .Ctg.)

Man Power. Project coordinator- 1.Training coordinator- 1.Training officer- 2

Activities of the Project: ‘HERproject’ is an effort of Bayer. It links multinational companies

and their factories to local NGOs to create sustainable workplace programs that increase

women’s health awareness. As a partner of ‘BSRs HERproject’ ‘Mamata’ has been

implementing awareness activities in four factories by following steps:

* Kickoff meeting – BSR HERproject & partner N.G.O. disseminate overall project

activities with senior management of factory at this meeting. It is first steps of HERproject

* Health needs assessment- After kickoff meeting the partner NGO conduct need

assessment survey through female worker at the factory. Its conduct both in group & one

to one by specific questionnaire.

* Mid level management orientation – To involve midlevel management like production

manager, H.R. Compliance, supervisor or line leader and others who are interfering with

production meet sharing with HERproject about how to fit project activities into existing

factory operations and programs. For this reason make a Project team at factory with

mentionable group.

* Peer Educator training – Selected by different indicators for appropriate PHE at the

factory the training are provided by training officers from partner NGO. These training are

set on six modules by following topic.

Training Topics -

1) Health & hygiene.

2) Reproductive health & family Planing

3) Maternal health & Vaccination.

4) Food & nutrition

5) Occupational health and safety