Global Women Economic Empowerment Initiative (GWEEI)


The ready-made garment (RMG) sector is vital to Bangladesh’s economy. According to

the Bangladesh Board of Investment, the sector employed approximately three million

people in 2010 – 80 percent of which are women. This sector’s approximately 4,000

factories account for nearly 79 percent of the country’s total export earnings, and those

million workers represent about one-fourth of employees engaged in the manufacturing

sector. The RMG sector is the real backbone of Bangladesh’s economy, as well as a

crucial source of livelihoods for its citizens and communities.


Women comprise a large proportion of the workforce in factories and processing

facilities. Approximately 80% of factory workers in Bangladesh are women. In many

industries – including apparel, jewelry, home textiles, shoes, seasonal products, and

fresh produce – the majority of production processes are carried out by women.

Women tend to work in factories and processing facilities to provide for themselves

and their families and to give their children better lives. Often, women working in

factories have little formal education but a strong work ethic. Factory workers express

a desire for their children to be well educated and healthy.


Project Goal:

Create an ecosystem in which women attain their full potential, positively contributing

to their careers and personal lives.