Development of the Status of the Women Worker’s Rights (DSWWR)


Mamata has successfully completed DSWWR project in three Phases from the year

2004 to March 2013 on the basis of the long standing experience and expertise to work

with Women worker specially Garment worker. Under the current phase (August 2013

to July 2016) Mamata has been implementing the Project with the financial and

technical support from Manusher Jonno Foundation. This Project is aimed at

empowerment of the women workers of the target area to avail their rights through

leadership formation and improve their livelihood through institutional supports

widening the scope of improvement of the status of rights of worker in garment and

other factories located in the southern zone of Chittagong City. Mamata’s achievement

under this project through base line survey, the advocacy both for the workers and the

factory management on women right and different level of stakeholders, labor law and

compliance issues, awareness session on women & labour rights, networking for

different interventions, training & orientation on labour law, gender issue, human rights

& prevention HIV/AIDS. The main focus and working modalities of the project are peer

approach, formation of Local Project Development Committee (LPDC) and DIC &

Outreach approach. The total beneficiaries of this project are 75,000 women worker

specially garment workers from 30 factories located at inside and outside of CEPZ.

The workers are covered both in the factories located in CEPZ and outside CEPZ. Vast

majority of the beneficiaries are addressed in the residence level in Ward number 38,

39, 40 and 41 of the Chittagong City Corporation. The female workers are provided

awareness, education and training on Labour laws, BEPZA Instruction 1 & 2 and on

personal and environmental health and hygiene.