CEPZ Corporate Pilot Project (CCPP)


Timberland USA, a potential buyer of Youngone Company located at CEPZ; within the

purview of corporate social responsibility (CSR) provided financial support through

Care Bangladesh to improve the lives of 30 thousand females workers of Youngone

and other companies of CEPZ. The project started function in the 2002 in a tripartite

approach Timberland/CARE, Youngone Company and Mamata. The beneficiaries of

this project have been provided with information, Education and Communication (IEC)

on Health and Hygiene focusing on Prevention of HIV/ AIDS. They have been given

Life Skill Education especially on sexual and drug abuse and others substance abuse,

education on sexual and reproductive health and rights, safe sex and Condom

promotion. Other important components of the project are on IEC on Marriage law,

Family Law, Labour Law, Compliance issues and safety measures etc. With in the

purview of this project Mamata provides Micro-finance support to the Female Workers

and their dependents. The main thrust of the project activities are i) peer and peermonitor

approach, ii) DIC approach, iii) Conduction of sessions and booth collection at

factory level, iv) Organize sessions and satellite clinics at house hold level. and v)

involvement local leaders and stakeholders in the project activities through formation

and functioning of Area Development Committee (ADC).

This project has brought about significant changes in socio-economic condition of the

female workers leading towards better lives and livelihoods for them and their

dependents. Female workers are now well aware and empowered regarding their

rights and responsibilities & social status.