Savings & Credit

Savings and Credit Program


The objective of micro finance program of Mamata is socio-economic up-liftment

through poverty alleviation to contribute meaningfully to achieve MDG # 01 “Eradicate

extreme poverty and hunger”. Mamata successfully completed 2 decades of operation

of its micro finance program. The mission of Micro finance program is to alleviate

poverty and improve the standard of life of the people particularly of the poors through

micro finance interventions focusing Income Generating Activities for creating

employment opportunities. The overall objectives of Micro finance program are as


1. To contribute reduction of proportion of population below national upper poverty

line through their access to Microfinance (MDG 1.1)

2. To organise poor and disadvantaged segment of population through group

formation to avail Savings and Credit facilities for their socio-economic

3.To foster IGA for the target groups to raise employment opportunities to reduce

4.       To contribute meaningfully for the women empowerment ensuring their wide scale

and preferential access to microfinance and IGA.

5.   To raise attitude of the poors towards savings generation to make them solvent

and capable to participate in IGA.

In order to achieve the objectives and to facilitate implementation of the Microfinance

Program, Mamata adopted the following steps to accomplish the tasks:

Savings Product:

a. Mandatory Savings

b. Voluntary Savings

Loan Product:              a. Micro Credit

b. Enterprise Loan

c. Housing Loan

d. Seasonal Loan

e. Ultra Poor Loan

Insurance:        a. Loan Insurance

b. Health Insurance

Market Linkage:           a) Business Counseling

b) Marketing linkage development


Enterprise Development Division

In our experience in running the Micro finance Program during the last two decades we

determined that a good number of newcomer entrepreneurs of different trade and

professions who possess required knowledge skill, experience, will-power and other

resources to run small enterprise; but due to the lack of fund they could not promote

such business; i.e. Trading, small cottage industries, housing livestock, fishing etc. In

view of the above Mamata established a separate division titled “Enterprise

Development division” with the objective to support small entrepreneurs financially and

technically to start and develop new business enterprise and also to improve status of

existing business. Mamata has been attaching preference to the women entrepreneurs

in this initiative; which played an important role for the empowerment of women leading

towards substantial contribution to the economic growth of our country.

In the year 2013 there was regular crisis in socio – economic sector of Bangladesh due

to political instability, workers agitation in garments sector which makes our Mamata

Savings and Credit Program (MSCP) vulnerable in all respects. But our dedicated

colleagues with their whole hearted efforts faced the challenge and presented a

successful year for the organization.

In the various meeting with higher authority of PKSF, concerned personnel of PKSF

shown keen interest to broaden programmatic and financing support in our

organization considering our performance and strength in the micro credit field. As well

as Aunukul Foundation is also increased its financing in income generating activities of

AN MSCP’s Contribution towards health and education project

Mamata MSCP Program also contributed Tk. 13.90 lacs as subsidy for education of

disadvantaged children under Early Child Care Development Centers and Mamata Health service program to provide low cost health services for poor members and non-members of its working area to ensure integrated micro credit-health service-education approach.


This year Mamata strengthened it’s endeavors for delivery of health services to the

beneficiaries of Microfinance through integrated approach with Mamata Health Program



PKSF, Anukul Foundation has been providing with financial and technical support to Mamata

which have contributed in the capacity built up and expansion of Microfinance activities in

our catchments area.